How to Roll Back a Driver to a Previous Version in Windows® 10 .

It’s one of the links above the « Have a question? » section. There are no guarantees, of course, and if your PC already has issues then it’s hard to say how it’ll respond. If the problem on your computer is related to a specific device , you can follow the steps below to update the driver software for that specific device. With this understanding, let us go ahead and take a look at the steps to update and reinstall drivers in Windows 10. Many problems on a Windows Laptop or Desktop computer are caused due to outdated or corrupted device drivers.

If you want, you can carefully disassemble your system, take out the sound card, and insert it to another computer. In this way, you can check whether the sound card is working or not. Once the Device Manager window will be opened, you can view all the installed drivers.

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  • Then, just follow the directions on screen until the device is uninstalled.
  • Right-click Intel® Display Audio or Intel High Definition Audio and select Update driver.
  • Type « catalyst maintenance utilities » into the search box in the upper left part of the window and then click the « GO » button.
  • Next, click the speaker icon to the left of the slider to unmute.

That being said, what do you think about the Realtek audio driver, and have you ever deleted it mistakenly? Do let us know by dropping a comment in your words below. Audio drivers downloaded from the Realtek official site do not offer customizations made by your motherboard manufacturer. If you want to get the complete customization options then you will have to download the latest drivers from your manufacturer’s website. It’s the first option at the top of the menu that appears when you right-click a driver in Device Manager. Your Realtek audio should work perfectly now that the sound device has been corrected with the Windows update.

If The Above-Given Solutions Didn’t Work – Update The Drivers

Reboot your computer to use the new graphics driver. If you find some, check the latest one and click « Review and install updates ». You can also download offline installers directly from Intel’s driver portal. Try a free scan today to see which drivers you’re missing.

Method 3: Use Bit Driver Updater to Automatically Install Realtek HD Audio Driver (Recommended)

If you encounter any issue with your computer that can’t be quickly resolved by restarting it, updating the driver is the next solution. While it’s not the answer to all problems, it should always be a part of the troubleshooting steps computer users can perform. The level of user intervention is very low, as this solution is practically fire-and-forget. Once installed, the application scans the drivers installed and matches these against a driver versioning database, and then downloads and installs the latest ones. The Windows Driver Frameworks , also known as the « Windows Driver Foundation, » is a set of libraries used by device drivers in Windows. Don’t worry — it’s not malware or anything dangerous.

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